We have a script that transfers databases between clusters. To make sure the data is still valid, we run a checksum on some of the tables. If those are ok, we mark transfer succesful. The problem is that even though I notice the data is same, I get different result for servers. So running this:


For Mariadb it gives over 500k and on Mysql over 3 bilion. This documentation says this should be the same but evidently, they are not. What could affect the difference?

I do know about pt library but I would rather use checksum if possible.

Thank you, I appreciate all help

  • Please produce the output of the CHECKSUM for both tables. – Vérace May 27 at 9:10
  • Let's see SHOW CREATE TABLE on both versions. (This may give a clue via the datatypes, etc, being used.) – Rick James Jun 9 at 4:14

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