I have an RHEL 7.7 box on which Oracle 12c is running. I have installed 19c on the same machine for the purpose of upgrading from 12c to 19c but need to uninstall it for some reason.

I get the below error when I tried to run,

[oracle@rhel7 ~]$ echo $ORACLE_HOME


[oracle@ rhel7 ~]$  cd $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall

[oracle@ rhel7 deinstall]$ ./deinstall

Checking for required files and bootstrapping ...

Please wait ...

./deinstall: line 294: /tmp/deinstall<datetime>/perl/bin/perl: Permission denied

I have checked all files and directories including the one in /tmp and have granted 755 permission to all the files (installation dir and /tmp/), but to no avail.

I am executing this script as an oracle account which was used to install 19c.

Appreciate any help.

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    A common Linux security hardening step is mounting the /tmp filesystem with the noexec mount option which causes problems like this. Check the mount options for the filesystem that contains /tmp. May 27 at 13:09

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