I'm trying to calculate days between two dates.

Let's say I have the date '2005-05-25 06:04:08' and I want to count how many days are there between that day and the current date.

I tried doing:

SELECT DATE_PART('day', AGE(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, '2005-05-25 06:04:08'::timestamp )) AS days;

But for some reason this returns 11, it's not taking into account the difference in years. How can I solve this?


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The AGE() function may be causing the issue, as the correct use of DATE_PART() would look like this:

SELECT DATE_PART('day', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP - '2005-05-25 06:04:08'::timestamp) AS days;

Note that this would return the number of full days between the current time stamp and the provided start. So the difference between 2021-01-01 02:30:00 and 2021-01-02 00:00:00 would be 0, as no full day had passed. If you need to count days from midnight, then ypercube™’s solution is the way to go 👍🏻

SELECT CURRENT_DATE - '2005-05-25 06:04:08'::date AS days ;

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