It is possible in SQL Server Master Data Services to define the default value of an attribute as being the concatenation of the values of other attributes? Or even a mathematical computation?

For example, I have two attributes, both are densities of a physical material, one expressed in metric units (kg/L) and one in imperial (lb/gallon) - there is a linear multiplier that can be used to convert from one to the other, so if a new record is created and the imperial measurement is provided while the metric is not, can I define an action that would populate the attribute with Imperial/8.33?

Another example is populating links to where additional reference material is stored (like a Safety Data Sheet) - if the attribute isn't populated, I'd like to concatenate together the manufacturer, region, and date to create the link automatically.

Barring the automatic creation of a static value in the master data itself, is there a way to push that logic out to the subscription views? Or would I have to do that work one step further out with whatever consumes the subscription view?

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