I am dealing with large amount of data approx 1 million rows with 100s of columns. I have this proc which performs some calculation over this data based on grouped by a colum1.

Now the same calculation is performed over this data grouped by column1, column2.

I can optimise the whole operation by creating indexes on column1 and column2.
But how i can achive the performance if column1 or column2 are dynamic and up to nth column.

Example: For n columns the group by operation is going to be like as follows

operation 1 : group by column1 Operation 2 : group by column1, column2

Operation n : group by column1, column2..... upto columN


If you need all those aggregates at once use ROLLUP or GROUPING SETS to calculate multiple aggregate grains in a single scan.

If you want to optimize a large table for many different aggregates use a Columnstore index.

  • This looks promising. I will look into this. Thanks – Satyendra Routela Jun 8 at 17:05

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