I want to alter tables like mysql.rds_sysinfo, mysql.rds_monitor, mysql.rds_heartbeat2 which belong to mysql schema.

The alter sql for that is: ALTER TABLE mysql.rds_sysinfo ROW_FORMAT=DYNAMIC;

But when I run it some error appears: Error Code: 1044. Access denied for user 'admin'@'%' to database 'mysql'

So how can I get access to alter the such tables of AWS RDS?

  • What is your goal? Would it suffice to write a read-only VIEW in front of them?
    – Rick James
    Jun 14 at 18:25

You will never be allowed to alter any tables used by RDS Services. They are managed by Amazon.

I see you logged in as admin@'%' but Amazon has shielded their source-compiled version of mysqld from allowing anyone to change their managed tables.

Even if SHOW GRANTS; says you have all privileges, you really don't. I have mentioned this years ago (See Confused by GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* (...) WITH GRANT OPTION).

If those tables need to be in another row format, Amazon will do that.

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