How would you create a database that sells products of the same cost for each size range.

Current Products Table:

  • Product 1 of 1mm
  • Product 1 of 2mm
  • Product 1 of 3mm
  • Etc up to 1000mm

Does it make sense to store it as mentioned above?

Or would you you store it as:

  • Product 1, minimum length 1mm, maximum length 1000mm

Each sale line will mention the exact size sold.


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Typically one would do something like the second option you mentioned, with a dedicated dimension field for the Size and another field for the UnitOfMeasure (or UM for short). Or possibly refactoring those fields into a separate ProductDimensions table (though this is more optional / use case dependent).

This provides the most flexibility, and makes the most sense logically for the purpose of a Products table, as one would assume the table would store unique Products. Otherwise, seeing Product1 (etc) multiple times in the Products table could be confusing and / or complicate application logic.

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