I have inherited two SQL 2016 servers with two mirrored databases.

They have been built with certificates as they are in a workgroup, the certs expire in six months. I am trying to understand the process to replace the certs with new ones with a longer lifespan, and if the process can be done online with no downtime?

Just to confirm the certs haven't expired yet, I am just being proactive.

I am thinking something like this:

  • Create new certs with longer expiry dates
  • Backup the certs to files and copy between primary and secondary servers
  • Restore the certs with Authorisation to the existing mirror users no need to create new users
  • Alter the existing end points to point to the new certs
  • Clean up

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To help anyone else with this type of question I was successful in my testing using the following process, with no downtime. I added the certificates, backed them up and copied them during the day but the rest of the process I did out of hours, just normal live precautions.

  • Created New certificates with longer expiry dates
  • Backup and copy the physical certificates between servers
  • Create new certificates on principle / mirror from physical file, giving access to existing users
  • Alter endpoint to use the new certificates
  • Drop old certificates once you are comfortable there are no errors

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