I have a problem that I don't know how I could solve it.

I have two tables in two different databases on two servers.

Server 1 (Master) has the data and server 2 is the slave. But Server 2 only needs 3 col's of 30 col+ table

And I sync insert, update and delete from the Master to the slave.

What I could do is a Cronjob, using the php application or maybe has MySQL/InnoDB a way todo it?

Best regards :)

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On the Replica, you could either of

  • Provide a VIEW that exposes only the 3 columns.

  • Use GRANT to limit what users can see or do with each column.

Another approach is to vertically split the table:

  • t3 has the 3 columns; it is replicated

  • t27 has the other 27 columns; it is not replicated

  • t30 is a VIEW composed of a JOIN of the other two tables based on their shared PRIMARY KEY. This could satisfy most of the existing activity on the Primary server.

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