We have provided sql tuning set as input to the analysis task of performance analyzer

variable l_task_id VARCHAR2(64);

exec :l_task_id:=dbms_sqlpa.create_analysis_task(
     sqlset_name => '<sql set name>'
    , sqlset_owner=>'<owner>'
    ,task_name => '<new task name>');

Now i want to list all the tasks associated with the sql tuning set. I have tried below ways but they are not working

select parameter_name,parameter_value 
from dba_advisor_exec_parameters 
where task_name='<task name>' and parameter_name='SQLSET_NAME';

But the result is showing "NOT USED" for column parameter_value

parameter_name parameter_value

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One of the way to know which sqlset is associated with the particular task exectution is to see the report (but this can be done only after task execution complete)

    task_name => 'JRI1970_CCP66_OENV_02_T1'
    ,execution_name=> 'EXEC_255555') 

or try below:

select * from DBA_SQLSET_REFERENCES where sqlset_name ='XXXXX';
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