Is there any way to find when an index was last created or reindexed in PostgreSQL 12-13?

The docs show a few standard views like pg_stat_user_indexes that track usage statistics for indexes, but I can't find anything that tracks creation/update statistics.

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Creating the index, as well as re-indexing, writes a new row to the system table pg_class. Most DDL commands (including these) are transactional in Postgres. When the Postgres DB server runs with track_commit_timestamp = on, commit timestamps are recorded. See:

Then, this query produces the timestamp when the index was last created or reindexed in Postgres 9.5 or later:

SELECT pg_xact_commit_timestamp(xmin)
FROM   pg_class
WHERE  relname = 'mytbl_pkey';  -- index name

Tracking only starts after the server is restarted with track_commit_timestamp = on, there is no information for older transactions. And the information is not kept indefinitely - it's lost eventually as transaction IDs wrap around, typically after a very long time, but that depends on transactions per time.

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