• Environment:

I have 'duration' datas stored as varchar(4) in a table. 2 first characters are hours, 2 last characters are minutes. E.g.:

0100 means 01:00
0456 means 04:56

and so on...

  • What I need:

I have to make a query that retrieve this field as a common time format : HH:MM

  • What I have tried:

No real clue at the moment. I tried to cast my value as interval, but it doesn't behave as expected

> SELECT time_field, time_field::interval FROM myTable...

0100    |    01:40
0120    |    02:00
0179    |    02:59

I would like to avoid use of substring to add ':' in between 2 characters pairs.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


You can first create a timestamp and then cast that to a time value:

select time_field, to_timestamp(time_field, 'hh24mi')::time
from the_table

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