I am trying to create an MS Access Report (Microsoft Office 365) with more than 1 subreport, to be grouped under a field called "City".

The report is based on a linked table and the sub-reports are based on queries (SELECT... FROM....WHERE) that select a subset of rows from the linked table.

On the Design view, the grouped field is in "City_header" and contains other relevant details (name, extent, pop), while the subreports are in the body of the report "Detail".

I have grouped the report on "City" (Group, Sort and Total) with A on top, and even though the city names show at the beginning of the page when appropriate, the subreports don't show the subsets for each "City".

E.g. the report should show a page with City "Manchester" and the subreport num.1 results "public gardens" for Manchester, subreport num.2 results "playgrounds" for Manchester, then there should be another page with City "Birmingham", the subreport num.1 results "public gardens for Birmingham, etc.

But instead, I get a page with City: "Manchester" and subreport num.1 results that list ALL public gardens (not just for Manchester), subreport num.2 results with ALL playgrounds (not just for Manchester) and so on with the other cities.

Previously, I was able to create grouped reports but always without sub-reports, which I think are complicating a few things but are really necessary for what I need to do...

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