first of all - I already read several other threads like Restoring MySQL database from physical files, but I'm unsure wether this will work for me since I'm running MariaDB and not MyISAM.

Let me explain my sitution:

I was able to save the mysql folder (/var/lib/mysql/) and have among other files:

  • ib_logfile
  • ibdata1
  • my_database_folder with several *.frm, *.ibd files and db.opt
  • another folder called mysql with several *.MYD, *.MYI, *.frm files

I have reinstalled MySQL MariaDB and created a new database with the same name and settings as the one I want to restore.

Are there any possibilities to restore my "old" database? Can I go with the steps explained in the second answer in https://stackoverflow.com/a/43175810 ?

I'm really a newbie when it comes to MySQL so I appreciate any help!

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    if you saved everything and have the same version of the datqabase, simpk,y overwrite all files of the new installation.But it has to be the correct same version.
    – nbk
    Aug 4, 2021 at 17:14

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Assuming this works, your very next task is to go and learn how to Backup and, more importantly, Restore your databases properly.

What's happened here is akin to driving your car headlong into a brick wall, putting it back together by hand, and expecting to be able to drive away in it afterwards, just like normal.

This might be good enough for some throw-away, Development database (but even then I'd say "No").
For any Data that your Company cares about, it absolutely is not. One of these days, it will break badly enough that it just won't start.

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