How do I produce the relationship diagram in Microsoft Sql Server? Here is a visual of what I am talking about here: https://i.stack.imgur.com/iRhdN.png

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it is called EER can be foundin SSMS 18


Visual database tools Design Database Diagrams.

you find it in the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)


so you can install a 17 er version of ssms


And then

  • Go to Sql Server Management Studio >
  • Object Explorer >
  • Databases >
  • Choose and expand your Database. -Under your database right click on "Database Diagrams" and select "New Database Diagram".
  • It will a open a new window. Choose tables to include in ER-Diagram (to select multiple tables press "ctrl" or "shift" button and select tables).
  • Click add. -Wait for it to complete. Done!

or use some other tool like


here is a the manual for eer


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