Under PGDATA, there is the pg_clog directory containing the transaction logs. Every night we stop and restart the postgresql daemon.

We have files older than one year in this directory. Their datetimes:

2020-04 2020-05 2020-06 2020-07 2020-08 2020-09 2020-10 2020-11 2020-12 2021-01 2021-02 2021-03 2021-04 2021-05 2021-06 2021-07 2021-08

  1. Is this normal or is it a symptom of some problem?
  2. Does a night VACUUM delete all these files?

We have no replicas. We cannot upgrade the database (legacy intranet application).

PLS NOTE: I asked another question for PG 11 and I want to keep the two questions separate.

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