I am getting the following error

SQL Error [0A000]: ERROR: functionality not supported under the current license "ApacheOnly", license¶  Hint: Upgrade to a Timescale-licensed binary to access this free community feature 

when running the following:

CREATE VIEW test.weather_metrics_daily
WITH (timescaledb.continuous)
   time_bucket('1 day', time) as bucket,
   avg(temp_c) as avg_temp,
   avg(feels_like_c) as feels_like_temp,
   max(temp_c) as max_temp,
   min(temp_c) as min_temp,
   avg(pressure_hpa) as pressure,
   avg(humidity_percent) as humidity_percent,
   avg(rain_3h_mm) as rain_3h,
   avg(snow_3h_mm) as snow_3h,
   avg(wind_speed_ms) as wind_speed,
   avg(clouds_percent) as clouds
GROUP BY bucket, city_name;

I am using Azure Database for PostgreSQL server with Timescaledb enabled.

SELECT default_version, installed_version FROM pg_available_extensions
where name = 'timescaledb';

I get the version 1.7.4 on both

I am following the getting started document: https://docs.timescale.com/timescaledb/latest/getting-started/

Is this because of Azure Database for PostgreSQL server not having all functionalities or something else? Thanks!


This is because Azure is a cloud service and thus can not offer the free "community" license of TimescaleDB. Per TimescaleDB FAQ:

TimescaleDB is a relational database for time-series, with some features licensed under the Apache 2.0 License but many of the features you know and love are licensed via the Timescale License (including continuous aggregates, compression, data retention policies, actions, multi-node, and more). The "Apache 2.0" version of TimescaleDB offered by Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and others includes only the features in the Apache license. The Timescale License prohibits cloud providers from offering the "community version" of TimescaleDB-as-a-service.

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    Just to add that TimescaleDB Community version is available on AWS, GCP, and Azure if you use the Timescale managed services. (Disclosure: I work for Timescale).
    – greenweeds
    Aug 31 '21 at 9:22

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