Can the SSIS process pane be made to automatically scroll to the currently processing item into view when a package is running?

To clarify...

I'm still very new to SSIS, and I'm unsure of the proper terminology for the parts of the IDE. Here's my environment:

  • Visual Studio 2019
  • SSIS 3.6
  • running on Windows Server 2019

When an SSIS package is running, the view switches to Debug View(?). At the upper left, in the process pane (?), each flowchart component displays a small rotating gold circle icon on items that are currently processing.

But in a large package, the currently processing item(s) often disappear off the bottom of the pane. Then I have to manually click the scrollbar to bring the current items into view again.

Is there a feature I can enable which will automatically scroll the process pane so the currently running item stays within view?

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