The query in question is the following:

SELECT * FROM options WHERE id = any(SELECT option_ids FROM workshops WHERE id=3)
ERROR: pq: operator does not exist: integer = integer[]

Basically the statement inside any() returns an array of ids which I want to use to get some rows on the options table.

I don't understand why is it trying to compare an integer to the whole array, isnt any supposed to compare a single int to multiple integers in an array?


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You can unnest the array in order to create a valid statement, i.e.

SELECT * FROM options WHERE id = any(SELECT unnest(option_ids) FROM workshops WHERE id=3);

Otherwise, if id is an integer, then the subquery inside of the any clause would need to return a column of integers (rather than a column of integer arrays) in order for the statement to be valid.

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    Nice. Other ideas. 2: WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM workshops WHERE options.id = any(option_ids)) 3: WHERE array[id] <@ any (SELECT option_ids FROM workshops) Commented Sep 9, 2021 at 20:34

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