On MySQL 5.7. I would like to prevent all alter table scripts \ update scripts that are taking longer than 10 minutes to run.

Is it possible?

I've tried to set MAX_EXECUTION_TIME and it does work but only for SELECT queries. I still could execute a long update\alter query.

  • Why do you want to block ALTER TABLE that takes more than 10 minutes? Are you aware there are free tools like pt-online-schema-change that allow you to continue accessing the table while it applies the alter? Sep 12, 2021 at 17:23

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No straightforward way.

You could write code to perform SHOW PROCESSLIST every minute, ignore system actions that run 'forever', locate only "alter/update" commands (but not scripts), check the "Time", and issue "kill pid".

If this is a team effort, I would (instead) implement a review process for every "alter/update script" to try to fix scripts before attempting them.

Keep in mind that killing a command after 10 minutes:

  • Wasted some resources for 10 minutes.
  • May have to spend more than 10 minutes in ROLLBACK (in the case of UPDATE), again wasting resources.
  • And the desired task is still left to be done.

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