We use MS SQL Server transactional replication in our environment. I would like to know if there is a way or script to figure out how much data is being pushed per day to replicated databases?

How to determine how much data is being replicated on a daily basis based on the number of commands?


In the distribution database, there is 2 tables that could help you:

  • MSrepl_transactions
  • MSrepl_commands

For example, you could get the number of commands replicated per day per publisher database with this query:

select t.publisher_database_id,convert(date,entry_time) as entry_date, count(*) as nb_commands 
from MSrepl_transactions t
    INNER JOIN MSrepl_commands c ON t.publisher_database_id=c.publisher_database_id and t.xact_seqno=c.xact_seqno
GROUP BY t.publisher_database_id,convert(date,entry_time) 

2 details to be aware of:

  • By default, transaction retention period is 72 hours, so you should be able to get statistics for that period, unless your distributor has a different configuration.
  • MSrepl_transactions' entry_time is the time when the transaction was inserted into distribution database, not the execution time on publisher database.
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    Additionally useful would be analyzing SUM(DATALENGTH(c.command)) (or SUM(DATALENGTH(c.command/1024.0/1024.0))) to get the total size of the commands being pushed across replication to estimate the "how much data" in bytes (or megabytes).
    – AMtwo
    Sep 13 at 15:50

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