I have a MongoDB replica set cluster with one primary node and two secondary nodes. I created a user inside admin db of my primary node using the below command

user: “myUserAdmin”,
pwd: “abc123”,
roles: [ { role: “readWrite”, db: “admin” } ]

After this when I try to establish connection to this cluster from vault using the below URI, I am not able to establish connection


I also gave my admin db user creds which is myUserAdmin, abc123 for verifying the connection. Still not able to connect.

  • What error were you facing when you try to connect? Did you include the hostnames of the replica set on URI/vault? mongodb://mongodb0.example.com:27017,mongodb1.example.com:27017,mongodb2.example.com:27017/?replicaSet=myRepl
    – Jerry
    Oct 18 at 6:43

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