I am building application in C# which is parsing Actual Execution Plan. I need basic stats like Row count, CPU time, Page Reads etc. All above stats I found in XML of Actual Execution Plan. I can not find time duration of executed query. Do you know If it is possible to retrieve it ?

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It should be the node QueryTimeStats there will be a section for CPUTime and ElapsedTime. The time is in milleseconds.

CPUTime may be longer than ElapsedTime due to the query going parallel across multiple CPU cores, this is expected behavior.

ElapsedTime may be longer than CPUTime when a query is blocked, or waiting on non-CPU resources to complete. Things like reading pages from disk into memory, or writing to the transaction log, etc.

You may want to try to parse the WaitStats section of the XML for additional details on this, but be aware that it does not include all waits. For example, lock waits and CXCONSUMER are not included in the collection.

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