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I'm been a bit stuck trying to develop the code to get the inheritance of extended properties. I will explain the situation:

The thing is have a query to list all extended properties of one database (would be good if works for more databases but by the moment is OK like this). I use the following attached image as a reference, if you see the 'parent' column. That's mean that if a column and table extended properties are empty (extended properties created but without any values assigned) will get the values missing (Schema like a parent of EP values ) and applied to the rest.

Same behavior for table , column and bd parents.


FYI: I have a Store Procedure that get the values to create and assign value to extended properties using a master table as reference.

If you need more information, please let me know

Thanks in advance

  • It will be nice if you mention the version of the SQL Server you are using plus the code you have tried. What is working with your code and what is not. Sep 24 '21 at 10:51

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