I have a Oracle database (11g2). But i don't know how to find a text in all of table on a database. Because there are so many tables, can't find down by one column, one table... it takes me a lot of times. Is there any way to do this ? Or any tools, software can help me to do this ? Please help me! Thank in advance.

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    stackoverflow.com/questions/208493/…; but your real problem is apparent lack of documentation. Your time would be better spend documenting your schema than going on wild goose chases that might turn up nothing.
    – Mat
    Commented Dec 9, 2012 at 14:04

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See https://lalitkumarb.wordpress.com/2015/01/06/sql-to-search-for-a-value-in-all-columns-of-all-atbles-in-an-entire-schema. In short (with my slightly modified version of the code):

SELECT DISTINCT table_name, column_name
  FROM user_tab_cols,
  TABLE (xmlsequence (dbms_xmlgen.getxmltype ('select '
  || column_name
  || ' from '
  || table_name
  || ' where upper('
  || column_name
  || ') like upper(''%'
  || '&searchword'
  || '%'')' ).extract ('ROWSET/ROW/*') ) ) t
  where table_name not in (
    select distinct table_name
      from user_tab_cols where data_type like 'SDO%'
      or data_type like '%LOB')
  order by table_name, column_name;

I exclude tables that contain LOB or spatial columns as they can fail. Add other filters as you please. This will be very expensive to run in a large database!

EDIT: &searchword is the text you are searching for, of course.

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