I am trying to learn more about the sys.time_zone_info table. It all seems intuitive except for the E. Australia Standard Time entry found with this query:

select current_utc_offset from sys.time_zone_info where  [name] = 'E. Australia Standard Time'

I live in the UK and the current UK time is: 22:38. The current UTC time is: 21:38. The current time in Sydney, Australia is: 08:38, which is UTC+11. However, the query above returns this:


and I expect:


I have SQL Server setup as a Docker container. It is SQL Server v18.4.

What is the problem?


The one you want is "AUS Eastern Standard Time". Don't know what the different definitions are but this has DST and more closely resembles the official names (if you squint a bit).

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    Was just coming to share this. I'm glad it's not confusing at all. Oct 5 at 1:54

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