Game recommendation engine ER diagram

Recently I started working on a class project where we are required to make a DBMS that models a game recommendation engine. We just got the ER diagram started, & I ended up making an aggregate relationship to describe the different kinds of descriptors that a player might enjoy - which are also tied to the game itself as descriptors of said game. Here these descriptors are Tags (Descriptive User-generated tags), Gameplay Type (Singleplayer, Multiplayer, etc..), & genre. I've done so to try to seperate games from game descriptors that users might be interested in individually irrespective of their associated games. I'm not sure that this aggregate relationship, as well as the breakdown of the tag/gameplay descriptor lists is proper here, & was curious if this is the best course of action to fit the requirements of the game recommendation engine.

For further context, these entity sets are separate from the game set because the database that we chose here includes said descriptors as comma-delimited lists. What we aim to do here is save space by parsing the lists & storing the individual descriptors as entities in their respective sets. I welcome critique on this choice, as well as any other design decisions we've made.

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