I have a Postgresql column that is a varchar that is saving a string that looks like '2 years, 5 months' or '3 months' or '9 years, 0 months'. I can't convert the column to an interval because it's going to break a bunch of existing functionality so what I am trying to do is cast that varchar into an interval in the select statement. I can't figure out how to do this, I was thinking I first need to format it into a timestamp then turn that into an interval? But haven't been able to find any info about this specific case.Thanks for the help!

Edit 1: a_horse_with_no_name's solution worked but I was getting an error previously because of the empty rows so I wrote a case like so to fix it

    duration = ''
    interval '0'
  • Is it always 'years & month' and 'month', or there are other formats?
    – McNets
    Oct 5 '21 at 15:19
  • @McNets It is either 'years, months', 'months', 'empty' Oct 5 '21 at 15:34

If the values all follow the syntax you have shown, you can simply cast it to an interval:

select '2 years, 5 months'::interval

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