I am trying to analyze how far players of the game progress as a function of age. The age is measured as the number of days since game installation.

For active players who played the game at a certain age (days from installation), the following group by age and get average level works.

SELECT Avg(Level_events.level_number) AS AvgOflevel_number, 
       DateDiff("d",[Installation_events]![timestamp],[Level_events]![timestamp]) AS Age
FROM Level_events 
LEFT JOIN Installation_events ON Level_events.player_id = Installation_events.player_id
GROUP BY DateDiff("d",[Installation_events]![timestamp],[Level_events]![timestamp]);

However, for All players including those who happened not to play at a certain age, i can't access the data after I apply the group by.

my aim is to create SQL script with queries that calculate both the average progress by age of active players and all players


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