I have a table containing an XMLTYPE column that I have to parse and display contained values one per line:

Example 1 :

<c2>VLAN1</c2><c2 m="2">VLAN2</c2><c2 m="3">VLAN3</c2><c2 m="4">VLAN4</c2>

Example 2 :

<c2>VLAN1</c2><c2 m="2">VLAN2</c2><c2 m="3">VLAN3</c2><c2 m="4">VLAN4</c2><c2 m="5">VLAN5</c2><c2 m="6">VLANX</c2><c2 m="7">VLANY</c2><c2 m="8">VLANZ</c2>

I know that methods like XMLEXISTS, XMLTABLE, EXPORTXML... could help but I don't know how to use and loop over those values.

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