I have 16 GB RAM, 12 GB allocated for SQL Server, total size of all databases on an instance 5TB.

DBCC CheckDB with PhysicalOnly checking on the biggest database ~ 3TB.

1 socket, 2 virtual processors.

Takes more than 20 hr to run, which is affecting users.

It is a test server, so tempdb is on the same drive along with data and log files.

Is any way to speed it up, or do I really need to add RAM?

Here are the read/write latencies:

enter image description here


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Charlieface suggested:

Backup/restore to somewhere else and run CHECKDB there.

Two vCPUs and 16GB RAM for a 5TB instance seems rather undersized, but upgrading your storage speed is probably the first priority, can you get SSDs?

See also:

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