I am looking for a way to create collection that would have one additional column that the source table/view columns referred by %ROWTYPE for simplicity.

TYPE my_type IS RECORD ( mode varchar2(10), some_table%ROWTYPE );


I want to compare a table and its source view with a two-way MINUS operation and read source view once:

WITH src AS ( select ... from aView )
select * from (
select 'INSERT' as mode, a.* from (
select ... from src
select ... from aTable ) a
select 'DELETE' as mode, b.* from (
select ... from aTable
select ... from src) b

( where ... is a <fixed_columns_list> )

I am starting to think of creating global temporary tables (GTTs) for INSERT and DELETE mode performed with INSERT ALL, but I have 25 tables, so that will add 50 GTTs :-/

Another con with GTTs is that whenever aTable is changed (new columns, renames, drops), I will also have to change respective GTT.

However, because GTTs will serve for temporary storage in this scenario, I can re-create them on demand automatically, so no issue.

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Put the query in a CURSOR and use the %ROWTYPE of that cursor.

  CURSOR C is select * from something;

  C_nt is table of C%rowtype;


NOTE From my experience, those a.* don't always match up to those b.*. I've always had to declare the columns.

  • I am having column list from metadata for any purpose where column order is risky. %ROWTYPE on a declared cursor doesn't help here, becuase from something has to be declared in cursor declaration.
    – Jakub P
    Oct 25, 2021 at 11:05

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