I have two SQL Server VMs in Azure. They are not on a domain, they are in an Azure DMZ to remain secure.

We currently are utilising SQL Mirroring for DR & patching purposes. However due to the benefits of AOAGS (mainly of the ability to just use a listener instead of failover partner connection strings), we want to make it a two node AOAG instead. Now obviously it will be a workgroup AOAG, so will need two static IPs, one for the cluster and one for the listener, since they're in the same subnet.

The VMs are both in the same region (UK South) and are in the same subnet.

Is there anything I am missing for setting up a workgroup SQL AOAG in Azure? For example is there a requirement for an Azure load balancer or anything to connect the two nodes?

  • You're going to have the set the cluster up as a workgroup cluster, which requires its own checklist of items, unless you go read-scale but then you'll be missing out on HA. Oct 26 '21 at 21:11

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