I'd like to create a table with a default constraint for a field. I know I can add a constraint after the table is created but I need to create the table and the named default constraint in one single command, like this

create table table1(field1 varchar(25), constraint df_table1_field1 default('a') for field1)

Unfortunately that doesn't work.

Any suggestions?


Use this syntax:

    field1 varchar(25) CONSTRAINT [df_table1_field1] DEFAULT('a')

Have a look at MS Docs about Specify Default Values for Columns, specifically this secion: Named CONSTRAINT (T-SQL)

CREATE TABLE dbo.doc_exz (
      column_a INT,
      column_b INT CONSTRAINT DF_Doc_Exz_Column_B DEFAULT 50); 
  • Awesome! I found out that I can have this also: create table table1(field1 varchar(25) constraint pk primary key constraint df_table1_field1 default('a') ) Thank you. Oct 27 '21 at 13:59

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