The model database is in FULL recovery model. I know that new dbs follow the model db template and so will be automatically in FULL recovery model.

So that the new dbs are automatically in SIMPLE model, I want to change the recovery model of the model db to SIMPLE. Is there any concern with changing the model database to SIMPLE recovery model?

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In a word, no. That's the whole point of model, it's a template for creating new databases. The only caveat is that it's used in tempdb creation on startup, so messing it makes starting SQL Server a bit tricky.

Depending on how database deployment is being done, it might be that changing the recovery settings in model are not sufficient to have an effect. If new databases are restored from backups, those retrain their old recovery options. Also, databases deployed via development tools might override settings from model.


No, but be aware if the database creation script explicitly specifies FULL RECOVERY this will overrule the template setting of the model database

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