I have created a publication and a subscription on two servers with wal_level = logical in my postgresql.conf. Replication is functioning normally. My problem is to track changes in the replicated table, so Ive created a function and a trigger on INSERTandUPDATE`. However my created trigger does not fire when changes are made in my replicated table.

I've found a similar problem and a solution in another question here, but when I do this:

ALTER TABLE <table_name> ENABLE ALWAYS TRIGGER <trigger_name>;

my replication process stops working and I see pg_replication_slots.active = f in my publisher server.

I would like to avoid solutions with pgAudit, Kafka and others like and stick with PostgreSQL tools if possible because I am a novice and I doubt that I can handle too many new tools at once.

I can provide you all the commands issued on both servers if that would be of any help. Thanks!

In my log file I see that the relation where the changes should be stored does not exist:

relation "mtable_history" does not exist at character 13

Character 13 is a position in a query:

INSERT INTO mtable_history VALUES ...

However, it does exist in \dt


The problem is that for security reasons, the search_path is set empty during replication replay. So you have to qualify the object names with the schema in the trigger function, for example public.mtable_history.

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