I'm in the process of setting up and testing an Innodb Cluster. So far I have three nodes running 8.0.27 and two routers all working fine.

I now want to test what happens if the network connection suddenly dissapears on one.

I have all three nodes set up with:

"autoRejoinTries", "3"

So when I remove the network connection from node 3 using:

ifdown eth0

I see that it disapears from the cluster and shows as:

"status": "UNREACHABLE",

and on the server itself it says:

"Cluster has no quorum and cannot process write transactions: Group has no quorum"

But I was expecting that the database would go into offline_mode. But when I check, it still says it is off:

SELECT @@GLOBAL.offline_mode;
| @@GLOBAL.offline_mode |
|                     0 |

Have I missed something, or misunderstood what "exitStateAction","OFFLINE_MODE" means?

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To answer my own question, it was because of the autoRejoinTries value.

Basically, assuming a value of three, it does:

  • Network Fails
  • 5 seconds passes
  • a “suspicion” that a problem has occurred happens on all nodes
  • 5 seconds passes to see if the node re-appears (expel_timeout)
  • Node is expelled from the cluster
  • try and connect (1)
  • wait 5 minutes
  • try and connect (2)
  • wait 5 minutes
  • try and connect (3)
  • execute exitStateAction

In other words, you have to wait for 10 minutes before it goes into OFFLINE_MODE. Setting autoRejoinTries to 0 or 1 has the desired affect of making it go into OFFLINE_MODE straight away. Of course, it then doesn't try and reconnect automatically, which is a pain if you have a very brief outage.

I guess in light of the fact one of the options is ABORT_SERVER e.g. shutdown MySQL, it does make sense.

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