I was hoping someone here could help me figure out a solution.

I have a MYSQL database that logs live data. This comes from an API that continuously updates the database and this data is being fed into some custom software.

Now I have a second stand alone application which needs part of this data also. But it runs on a separate computer which doesn't use this database or anything for that matter. Its a basic NUC used to run windows and this application. Look at it as a kiosk PC.

Is it possible to do a MYSQL dump from the needed tables and run this continuously when the database gets updated. Sync this on a cloud drive or something alike to pull the data off for the second application

Was thinking of just hooking this second PC up to the same private network and have to access the database that way. Then I could just pull data without a dump. But unsure if this will be possible all the time.

Hope this makes sense what I am trying to explain.




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