Reading the pg_cron documentation I saw that the examples only execute a command when scheduling a task.

In a StackOverflow post I saw that a user tried to run multiple VACUUM when scheduling the task, but an error occurs.

Is there a way to run VACUUM on multiple tables in sequence using pg_cron? There are about 112 selected tables that must be vacuumed, out of a total of 155, so scheduling a task for each one is not very practical.

Or for example, delete old records from a table and immediately at the end of the process run cron on selected tables?

  • A much better approach is to configure autovacuum to be more aggressive so that you don't need to run vacuum manually. Nov 24 '21 at 10:14
  • @a_horse_with_no_name I've already worked with an aggressive configuration for AutoVacuum and AutoAnalyze. The result was a catastrophe, the autovacuum occurred so frequently that the database ended up being unavailable for use, as the tables in my database tend to have several modifications per day.
    – Tom
    Nov 24 '21 at 13:28
  • @Tom, that objection doesn't make much sense, autovacuum doesn't lock out data modifications, and neither schema modifications except when doing it for wraparound; and wraparound vacuums are not controlled by the normal autovac aggressiveness knobs.
    – jjanes
    Nov 24 '21 at 19:48

You can vacuum a list of tables in one command.

vacuum FULL pgbench_accounts, pgbench_history, pgbench_branches, pgbench_tellers;

But hopefully you are not really doing FULL, that would almost surely be a mistake.

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