When I am executing the below query:

EXECUTE dbo.IndexOptimize
            @Databases = 'USER_DATABASES',
            @FragmentationLow = NULL,
            @FragmentationMedium = NULL,
            @FragmentationHigh = NULL,
            @UpdateStatistics = 'ALL',
            @OnlyModifiedStatistics = 'Y'

I'm getting this error:

Msg 201, Level 16, State 4, Procedure dbo.CommandExecute, Line 0 [Batch Start Line 0]
Procedure or function 'CommandExecute' expects parameter '@DatabaseContext', which was not supplied.

Any help is appreciated.



  • Are you on the latest version of Ola's scripts? Nov 28, 2021 at 9:44
  • Yes, Dec 2020 version
    – Hany Helmy
    Nov 28, 2021 at 13:07

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You most likely have a version mismatch between the IndexOptimize and CommandExecute procedures.

This is apparent from the error message you posted along with the version control done in a recent version of Ola's IndexOptimize procedure (reading the source code).

I would delete the 4 stored procedures and let his installation script create them anew. Be careful with what database you specify in the script. If you want his script to also re-create the jobs, then specify that in the installation script and delete the current jobs first.


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