I am using this command to replace the string from PostgreSQL column:

update sentence 
set sentence_en = replace(sentence_en,"1.  ","")

but I just want to replace the first occure from left start of table column. what should I do to make it work as expect? the desire result I want when the sentence_en like this: 1. xxxxxx1. xxxx1. , the result may like this: xxxxxx1. xxxx1.


You can use the REGEXP_REPLACE() function with no additional flags.

select regexp_replace('1.  xxxxxx1.  xxxx1.  ', '1.  ', '');


xxxxxx1.  xxxx1.  

db<>fiddle here


regexp_replace can do this.
Use the '^' anchor character to ensure that your replacement only happens at the start of the string.

update sentence 
set sentence_en = regexp_replace('^1.  ', '', '' ); 

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