I am looking at decommissioning a service account (windows account).

Before that I want to ensure that there are no dependencies on this account from any sql server areas. I have already checked under:

  1. Security/logins
  2. Database and agent job service accounts
  3. Job owners
  4. Package owners
  5. Credentials/Proxy

What other places need checking?

  • I would start with above list, lock the account and see the impact. Dec 15, 2021 at 14:18

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The list you've given seems good.

You should also check about database owners and schema owners, but since you have checked logins I assume you have also checked database users linked to those logins.

Here is a way to change database owners :

Exec sp_changedbowner [user_name]

Here is a way to change schema owner :


You could also check job proxies and credentials.

Credentials are another way to authenticate on a given principal by the use of proxies, so this might be an impact if they are used in a job.

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