I installed postgres like this:,

  • sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib
  • sudo systemctl is-active postgresql, returned active
  • sudo systemctl is-enabled postgresql, returned enabled
  • sudo systemctl status postgresql, returned active

but when I try confirming if the Postgresql server is ready to accept connections from clients as follows:

  • sudo pg_isready, this returned /var/run/postgresql:5432 - no response.

I've tried all with no success please help, thanks in advance.

OS: Linux Mint "Uma"

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I edited postgresql.conf:

sudo nano /etc/postgresql/9.3/main/postgresql.conf

Enable or add:

listen_addresses = '*'

Restart the database engine:

sudo service postgresql restart

Also, you can check the file pg_hba.conf:

sudo nano /etc/postgresql/12/main/pg_hba.conf

And add your network or host address:

host    all             all    

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