I have certain synonyms in my schema which represent views from another schema. Now in oracle sqldeveloper, I am unable to see the actual SQL for those views but I see only an SQL like:


Now my question is: is there a way for me to see the Actual SQL for the View XYZ.ABC_CHAR that is in the other schema?


In the tree view on the left-hand-side, expand the tree for your database connection. Expand "Other Users", then "XYZ", then "Views". Double-click on the view name "ABC_CHAR" - this will open the column list. Click "SQL" above the column list to see the query that created the view.

The other way to achieve this is to use SQL:

select text 
from all_views
where owner='XYZ' 
and view_name = 'ABC_CHAR';

This all assumes you have the correct grants to see the view text.

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