Can any body tell me how to accomplish this?

I have a remote table from which I need to import part of the data and put it into a table on my computer(local). I know select into command and its use but I don't know how to use it for this kind of situation.

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Try this from your local machine:

mysqldump -u username -p password -h remote_host --databases remote_database --tables remote_table --where="id=757575" | mysql local_database -u username -p password

To export the data from a remote table use below command you can also use where clause in it if u need specific data.

select * from tablename into outfile '/etc/tablename.csv';

use mysql>show create table tablename;

copy the create table statement and create a table in your local PC then Copy that 'tablename.csv' file from remote to your local computer. and use below to import data.

load data local infile '/etc/tablename.csv' into table tablename;

Any Issues let me know.

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