So we got multiple Timescale Hypertables on our PSQL Cluster. I try to optimize the tables in the last time. Our Background: the Tables are around 300 - 500GB in size. Normally we will use queries that will look up the timestamp in the first place. So the queries look like "Select timestamp, id_device, value1 from table where id_device = 'device1'...".

I deleted all old contraints/indexes and created a new PKEY with "(timestamp, id_device)". So my question: is it useful to create an index on this hypertable with the same format as the PKEY?

The Timescale Docs describe the best index for our Usecase as "(timestamp DESC, id_device)". But im not sure if its helpful, because the old indexes where > 20GB in size.

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  • What is the query you intend to speed up with the index? Jan 14 at 7:56

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