I'm running postgresql 14.1 on MacOs Monterey, this was installed as a requirement of timescaledb which is at version 2.5.1. I had issues while installing timescaledb with another version of postgresql not installed via brew so i purged that installation completely and ran brew install timescaledb which also setup postgresql again, did the config and everything works smoothly.

Now the problem is, i have a sql_dumb that requires timescaledb extension, the thing is, even after it successfully restores the database dumb, i can't access it due to a timescaledb error

ERROR 58P01 (undefined_file) could not access file "$libdir/timescaledb-2.5.0": No such file or director

..am wondering how i can fix this, i have tried,

  • running sql commands to create extension after the database restore
  • tried installing timescaledb@2.5.0 which brew did not find a formular for
  • creating symlinks to the installed version of timescaledb in the $libdir, as required by the error above

...none seems to fix the issue, is there a way i can install timescaledb 2.5.0, any other fix to remedy my situation is also welcome

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  • Restoring the database with -C, to clean and recreate fixed this issue
    – Ricoh
    Jan 14 at 5:59

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