I want to export using copy 5 columns of a table, 3 of them contain ID, text and timestamp values but 2 of them contain JSON and GeoJSON elements, e.g.:

 // Please, note the non-quoted string Value1
 // when there is no space in the value itself:
{"key": "value with space", "other_key": Value1, ...}

but when using this command:

psql \
  -d <connection_uri> \
  --command "\copy public.mytable (id, json_array, geojson_field, status, timestamp) TO './file.csv' DELIMITER ';' CSV HEADER ENCODING 'UTF8' QUOTE '\"' ;"

The result looks strange:

11784,"{'"First value'",'"Second value'", ThirdValue, '"Fourth val'",...

i.e. it's placing quote in a strange order: "single-double <field_value> single-double"

(also I don't get the headers...)

I wish I could end with a true JSON object in the csv file that I can copy/paste in a validator, e.g. here without errors.

Am I doing something wrong?
If yes, how to fix it?


  • What version of PostgreSQL is this? Jan 19, 2022 at 17:02

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 copy t_jsonb to STDOUT (FORMAT CSV, QUOTE ' ', header true);
  • I went into a strange error: ERROR: relation "t_jsonb" does not exist
    – s.k
    Jan 20, 2022 at 10:28
  • Yes, very strange. Perhaps you have no table "t_jsonb" and yours is called "mytable"? Jan 20, 2022 at 10:33

I end up using it this way, using FORCE_QUOTE, which actually works by placing 2 double quotes around the JSON keys and values where needed:

psql -d <connection_uri> \
  --command "\copy public.mytable (id, json_array, geojson_field, status, timestamp) TO './file.csv' WITH (FORMAT CSV, HEADER TRUE, DELIMITER ';', ENCODING 'UTF8', QUOTE '\"', FORCE_QUOTE (json_array, geojson_field));"

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