I am creating a CRM for a call-center and I want to store the input field data in a database. My problem is that I am quite new to this ordeal and have little - to no idea how to structure my database.

Should I create multiple tables for each part of the form and submit the data there or should everything be submitted to one large table?

Note 1: the form has around 80 fields with the data I need. Note 2: I also have another form with approximately 50 fields and plan to add another form which will be much small with app. 15 fields.

I appreciate any help and thank you for your time in advance!

  • Hi, maybe you can group these fields, by update frequency or by main subject. Fundamentally update a 80 fields table is not a problem but your program maintenance tasks will be much more easy by grouping fields
    – tdaget
    Commented Jan 30, 2022 at 10:07

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Start with one table for each of those two "forms".

After you have tentative SELECTs and "reporting" requirements and volume estimates. Then we can discuss normalization, many-to-many tables, etc.

Also, learn about EAV schema design and be sure to learn why it is not a panacea. (Then I won't have to lecture you when you come back.)

There are some examples of CRM in this forum and in stackoverflow.com

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