I am trying connect to my postgress database using SQLAlchemy. I was working fine yesterday (01/27/22). Now I get the following error:

sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError: (psycopg2.OperationalError) FATAL: role "wsb" does not exist

Only the user does exist.

                                   List of roles
 Role name |                         Attributes                         | Member of 
 wsb       | Superuser, Create role, Create DB, Replication, Bypass RLS | {}
 wsb2      |                                                            | {}

As you can see I tried making another user "wsb2", but that didn't work either. Below is my script:

db_string = "postgresql://wsb:wsb@localhost:5432/wsb"

db = create_engine(db_string)
meta = MetaData()

submissions_table = Table('wsb_submissions', meta,
                          Column('index', INTEGER),
                          Column('submission_id', TEXT),
                          Column('title', TEXT),
                          Column('created', TIMESTAMP),
                          Column('author', TEXT),
                          Column('ticker_mentioned', TEXT),
                          Column('subreddit', TEXT),
                          Column('emotes', ARRAY(TEXT)),
                          Column('rocket_emotes', INTEGER)

comments_table = Table('wsb_comments', meta,
                       Column('index', INTEGER),
                       Column('comment_id', INTEGER),
                       Column('body', TEXT),
                       Column('created', TIMESTAMP),
                       Column('author', TEXT),
                       Column('rocket_emotes', INTEGER),
                       Column('subreddit', TEXT),
                       Column('emotes', ARRAY(TEXT)),
                       Column('submission_key', TEXT)

also here is my Dockerfile:

FROM postgres:13.2


COPY wsb.sql /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/

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So this worked for me. I am relatively new to operating systems, so idk if there are any consequences that I'm unaware of.

my solution: in terminal run:

lsof -i:5432
sudo kill [PID]

then rebuild the image and restart the container.

  • Thanks for the input. What would have been the better way? And how can I snuff out data corruption? Jan 30, 2022 at 18:03
  • You are in no danger if you never use kill -9 on the postmaster. Plain old kill is the right thing - it will shut down PostgreSQL properly. If you fix that, I'll un-downvote your answer, but the way it is it is a public danger. The best solution would of course to figure out what is going on. Jan 30, 2022 at 18:39
  • ok, I'll change it. thanks for the clarification. Jan 30, 2022 at 21:20

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